Friday, November 13, 2009

Free Deer Stand Plans

Deer tree stand plans tell you how to design tree stand plans for your hunting spree. You can find a number of websites offering free deer stand plans that explains step by step instruction creating it.

Deer stands are very useful when you want to go hunting for deer. You can buy a deer stand from the market but due to the huge cost involve buying it, it would be a good idea if you design and create it on your own. It will not only give you an opportunity to customize the deer stand according to your need but also saves money.

There are a number of websites where you can find detailed instructions on how to make it from scratch at no cost. People really love these online sites because of their inch by inch measurement’s instructions.

All the stores have their specific plans to design these deer stands and the quality they provide is extremely superb that people find no difficulty following the instructions. These websites offer several free plans to help people design their own deer.

You can also take a print out of these free plans and make one at the comfort of the place you like.

You can also include plywood or an aluminium sheet at the roof of deer stand.

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Homemade Deer Stands

Hunting has been an important activity for people right from the Stone Age to the present age as of now. Some people do it for food while other may do it for sport .There are also people who do this for passion as well as their hobbies. So the motive of everyone is to hunt for animals and have a great time in the forest. This means that they should have some basic things for enjoying their hunting experience better and the most important of the basic things is the presence of Deer stands.

The Deer stands are the ones which provide you a lot of comfort in aiming peacefully at your deer and make your shot an hundred percent accurate one. You have to stand upon your deer stand at a few feet off the ground to have an aerial view of the entire area for hunting. So you have to choose the best deer stand for this purpose.

One of the best way is to go for Homemade Deer stands which are self constructed and people go for it mainly because to reduce their expenses in buying a new one.

You can do this by choosing the opt tree in a hunting area and by choosing the needed materials to lay a platform with framework for your support. The height factor should be decided by the quality of the tree and also the visibility.

You can go for a hunt with your Homemade Deer stand but make sure that it lasts throughout the hunting season.

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How to build a deer stand?

The important thing to be considered before you a build your own deer stand is the checking of state and local laws and obtaining permissions to construct them. Then choose a right site which have more deer activities. Once you are ok with this, you can proceed to the following steps to build your own deer stand.

Ø Decide the number of hunters so that you can plan for the size of the tree stand that accordingly.

Ø Look for the V-shape branched tree so that it can offer you a great support.

Ø Build a square base according to your wished size. The usual width of the base will be 7 feet. The base frame should have 2×4 boards placed upon for every two feet while the platform frame should have minimum four 2×6 inch boards.

Ø Having created the frame, attach it to the tree by using 16d nails.

Ø Construct flooring on the frame platform by using 1×6 inch boards which facilitates proper disposal of rain water.

Ø Then two limbs should be placed on either of the tree for holding your platform. Attach the corners of the platform to the V –shaped branches for additional support.

Ø Finally, have a ladder attached to your platform to move up and down the tree stand.

Hope you all understood the step by step construction of a Deer stand. So what are you waiting here for? Fly off to try your own.

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Tree Stand Plans

Though there are lots of ways and things for hunting, the Tree stand plans are the most effective ones in the forest areas which are surrounded by trees. As the areas are surrounded by trees, your tree stand will mingle with them and hence the animals cannot identify you easily.

The important questions to consider while going for tree stands are whether to buy a new one or to build your own. But the answers for them lie in two factors namely Cost and Safety. Are you confused with choosing a method? No problems man. Let me explain in detail.

You will probably think to build your own tree stand instead of buying a new one to eliminate costs. Yes, you are definitely true but have you ever thought of the materials used in that like steel and aluminum plates & bolts etc? You have to do welding with the materials and do the frame work which may cost you higher than the new ones in the market.

Another important factor to be noted is the security. Most of the reports say that two-third of the self-constructed tree stands fall off as we are less experienced in doing this when compared to the tree stand makers.

So have a deep thinking of these factors and decide whether to build your own or buy a new one.

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Deer Blind Plans

The Deer Plan is an enclosed box made up of wood to have a silent look at the arriving animals. They are closed on all sides and fixed with a door and a window opening to aim perfectly at your favorite animals. The main advantage of this is that the animals would not consider as a threat and hence you will get a long time to aim at it.

The usual sizes of the Dear plans are 4×8 and 4×6 but they require a lot of wood and hence they are quite expensive and difficult to transport. Though they look to seem containing enough space, they are difficult to accommodate two or more hunters. So, the best Deer plan for an effective hunter would be the 4×4 model as it very comfortable and compact which keeps you in hunting position all the time.

The entire Deer blind plan structure can be built using just 5 wood pieces and hence you can also do self construction of them if you like, but the important factor to be noted here is the stability and security.

So whether you buy a new Deer blind plan or construct your own, the final result is how many deers you are gonna bring back home. Have a great hunt!

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